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5 Biggest Mistakes New Homeowners Make

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So. You’ve perused all the available homes in your area. You found “the one” that spoke to you, you can’t live without it, it’s perfect! You put in your offer and, what luck! It was accepted. You went through all the paperwork, the inspections, the final signatures, and the home is now yours–keys in hand. You’re in the process of moving in and you’re working on unpacking boxes, settling in, putting furniture and decor in just the right places…

But what did you forget in between doing all of that? What mistakes did you make?

We’re here to help you make sure, as a new homeowner, that you cover all the bases needed to ensure a smooth transition. We want to make sure you do everything right the first time.

So here are 5 mistakes NOT to make…

1. Ignoring fire precautions. As soon as you move into a home, one of the first steps you should take is to install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers appropriately in your home. It’s easy to forget this with all the hustle and bustle of moving boxes, furniture and more. Always ensure that you’re protected and that fire hazards are taken care of. Install a smoke detector outside each bedroom, kitchen, and at least one or two other places on each floor of your home. Fire extinguishers should be on each level of your home as well, especially in the kitchen. Remember to test annually!

2. Rushing into interior decorating. You have plenty of time for sprucing up your home however reflects you best in the coming months. In fact, it can be much better to wait and settle into your home before starting any interior decorating because this gives you ample time to think about how you want to arrange things, preventing you from scrapping your vision and restarting. Decorating should be fairly low on your priority list in the beginning when there are many other tasks to be done as a new homeowner–just relax! We promise that gallery wall can wait.

3. Not knowing your property boundaries. When you buy a home and start on projects such as landscaping or fencing, its imperative to know your property lines to avoid future disputes with your neighbors as well as digging deeper into your wallet to have to replace or redo those projects if they do cross boundaries. Make sure you receive a copy of your property lines or have stakes placed so there is never any confusion.

4. Putting off outdoor maintenance. It’s easy to want to focus on indoor activities when you first move into a new home, but try not to neglect the outside of your property. Chances are, the previous sellers kept things looking nice and crisp for the sake of selling the home to you. Keep that curb appeal going strong and tend to those outdoor spaces you’ll soon be spending more of your free time in–you will definitely thank yourself later.

5. Trying to DIY everything. As we’ve said before, DIYing is great when it can be done right, but it’s not always the best route to take. There are many projects around your new home that may benefit from a professional’s touch. Check out this blog for a comprehensive list of projects you should never DIY.

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