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5 Outdoor Tips for Springtime

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Spring is finally, officially here! We are happy to say goodbye and be done with winter (hopefully). We’re sure you are all looking forward to warmer, longer days, as well as getting started on those outdoor springtime projects that you’ve had in the back of your head all winter. We’re here to give you a few tips to make those projects easier before you get started…

1. Show your lawn a little TLC. 

Do a soil test to check acidity before you put down new seed or nutrients. If you do have acidic soil, lime is a way to encourage growth of existing and new grass seed. You can also supplement your existing grass with a slow-release fertilizer. You’ll want to help it absorb, so the best time to spread lawn fertilizers is right before, or even during, a good springtime rainstorm.

2. Maintain your outdoor tools for the season.

Sharpen pruning shears, sharpen your chainsaw, sharpen your mower blade. You’ll also want to fill up your gas can for your lawnmower, create any oil and gas mixes that your small tools may require, and refill the spool on your string trimmer too, to name a few.

3. Landscape your garden beds.

Before all of the weeds start sprouting this spring, tend to your landscaped garden beds. If you mulched in the fall, the product you put down will still probably block weeds in the spring, but if you need to redistribute mulch, or add extra landscape fabric to block weeds, spring is a perfect time to tackle this task. Spring is also a great time of year to transplant ground cover or put new plants in your beds. Use the spring rain to your advantage!

4. Strip & refinish your deck, or switch to composite.

Starting this project in this spring leaves you ready to entertain all year long with a fresh, new deck. Consider switching from hardwood to composite if you haven’t already. If you need help making that transition, coming to us is a perfect choice! Composite decking, as we highlight in this article, offers much less maintenance while still providing that real wood look and feel, and is long-lasting and dependable.


5. Maintain your AC unit.

Spring is the perfect time to check your air conditioning system. Bring in a local pro for a quick check-up or review it yourself with the following handy list and be confident that it will be operating efficiently once hot weather arrives:

  • Remove plants that may be preventing the AC unit from breathing,
  • Make sure that the fins on the unit are not bent, so they can continue to provide good airflow,
  • Check that the unit is level,
  • & check for damage on circuit boards, wiring and compressor tubing.

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