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6 Summer Tips for Your Home

Category: DIY Tips

It’s summer! The heat is blazing, the sun is shining, and… your house needs some attention! Every season there are many essentials you need to address for your home to make sure it’s the best home you can have. No worries–we’re here to help and let you know some of the most important tasks you should complete!

1. Check both inside and outside your home.


You’ll want to look for regular damage or wear and tear from the weather, as well as unwanted guests like rodents, insects, and other wildlife. Call an exterminator if you see signs of animal or insect activity. You should also walk around your whole property to make sure everything is where it should be, and do a long-range as well as close visual inspection of your house.

2. Inspect the locks on your doors each season.


Make sure everything is secure in your home. You can do this by opening doors and make sure they close and latch properly. Make sure all keys work. Inside your home, check all window locks to ensure they all function correctly, and check window and door screens for any holes that may need to be repaired.

3. Check all electrical outlets and cords for potential fire hazards.


Look for frayed wires or loose-fitting plugs. To ensure you avoid house fires, be sure not to overload any electrical outlets, fuse boxes, extension cords, or any other power source. Always use surge protectors.

4. Carefully inspect your toilet and plumbing.


Look for any leaking or problems with the toilet float valve, and check all pipe connections. Also remember to inspect your washing machine hoses and replace any hoses that show signs of cracking, wear and tear, or leakage.

5. Clean or replace your furnace filter.


Doing this routine maintenance task helps to reduce fire hazards. Do the same with your dryer vent and lint trap, as well as the space under your dryer. Dryer fires are one of the leadings causes of house fire!

6. Check outdoor living spaces.


Check any outdoor wood structures that are used regularly, including steps, porches and decks, for rot or other types of deterioration. Repair or replace any rotted or loose boards, protruding nails, or other impairment.

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