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Ask Our Expert: Azek & TimberTech Composite Decking with Trey Morris

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Summer time is here and we all love to spend time outside relaxing, grilling out, or entertaining on our decks. As a central part of backyard hang-outs, it’s imperative to keep a deck looking good. With this comes maintenance–often more than some of us are willing to put in–and that leave our decks flaking with paint, falling apart, and looking dull after just one season of weather.

Enter composite decking. Composite decking such as from Azek or TimberTech doesn’t come with any of the headache that traditional hardwood decks are renowned for. We talked to Trey Morris, one of our salesmen and deck experts who visited Azek and TimberTech’s factory, took classes on their composite decking, and has all the essentials customers need to know.

TimberTech and Azek are relatively new pioneers in the composite decking industry, but both pack a punch when it comes to durability, longevity, and convenience.

(Above: Our in-house Azek & TimberTech displays.)


“The most important thing that TimberTech and Azek do, that not very many of their competitors do, is fully encapsulate their boards with a PVC cap which protects the composite inside from weather exposure,” Trey said. “All you need to complete the process of completely protecting your material is to get some color match end seal and brush it on the board ends.”

The premier selling factor of Azek and TimberTech is how low-maintenance both brands are to the consumer. So what’s the difference between composite and hardwood decking?

“Any wood that you use requires at least a little bit of maintenance and upkeep. When it comes to composite, a good power-washing should handle 95% of all maintenance that is required,” he explained.

(Above: Take a look at some of the color options offered by Azek. The Vintage Collection is particularly popular. Click to enlarge.)


Azek and TimberTech both come in an array of colors with plenty of options for the homeowner to fit their style and budget.

“I personally like almost all of their decking, it just looks more realistic than their competitors, and I would recommend AZEK’s Vintage line, it’s their most expensive line, but it just looks so nice!” Trey noted.

He also added, “Once you put down a composite, maintenance on your deck is very minimal, especially if you finish the deck off with a handrail system to match the decking.”

Overall, Trey loves Azek and TimberTech not just because of the convenience of composite, but because of the versatility of their products and great customer service beyond our doors here at BRBS.

“Any and every one, whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, they do what they can to help if you need it,” he said.

(Above: TimberTech in action! These are just a few examples of how your outdoor space could look by switching to Azek or TimberTech.)


Ultimately, it’s obvious that Azek and TimberTech are great competitors to other large-market deck suppliers. They can check just about every want or need off of a homeowner’s list and provide a beautiful touch to any outdoor space.

And Trey’s final tip: “Always look for quality. It is very easy to look at composite decking and see quality.” Azek and TimberTech definitely deliver.

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