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Ask Our Expert: Festool with Steve Smith

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With 90 years in the industry, Festool is a staple in any toolbox — from the DIY homeowner to the seasoned contractor. Their philosophy for producing tools focuses on progressing technology and remaining as innovative and professional as possible. Festool originated in Germany but has now expanded to provide products internationally. Blue Ridge Builders Supply is an exclusive dealer in Festool products and is proud to supply such a quality brand.

Since Festool is a great option for holiday gifts, we wanted to give you the full scoop on the unique brand. We talked with Steve Smith, one of our staff at Blue Ridge Builders Supply in Crozet, to learn more about the ins and outs of Festool.

According to Steve, one of the most interesting factors about Festool is that “their tools are made to withstand being used constantly every day.”

“Most of the sanders are balanced to reduce vibration, which if you’ve used a sander for a long period of time you’ll know how that makes a difference,” he added. “The saws are geared to help even the novice woodworkers, with accessories for angles, clamps to hold the board, and stops to make sure you don’t go too far. Combine any of their tools with their dust extractors and you’ve got a dust free work environment.”


While Festool isn’t always geared toward the typical homeowner, there are still benefits for the weekend warrior. Steve had a few words regarding homeowners knowing what to expect when getting into Festool.

“I would say the most important thing for a homeowner is to ask these questions: how much am I going to use this tool? What is the quality of work I’m trying to achieve? Do I want professional results?” he said. “It varies by the project in the respect, say with the sanders. Some are geared for removing multiple layers of paint and some are more geared for finishing raw wood to be stained, for example, cabinet grade type of finish.”

Overall, though, the number one question Steve recommends anyone ask of their Festool purchase is “What am I looking for in a tool? Longevity, durability, versatility, reliability, all the above?” It’s important to know what you need and what will be the best deal for the project you’re aiming to accomplish. That’s where we are here to help — ask any of our sales staff for help in picking out the right Festool product for you!


In addition to knowing what you require for a tool, there are some perks Festool offers that may make your decision easier.

“I think the best offers from Festool are their 3 year guarantee; if it breaks within the three year period, at the most you’ll have to pay for shipping, and if you buy a tool with a dust extractor you get 10% off the extractor. If you buy a saw you can get 10% off a multifunction table,” Steve explained.

Festool is all about their customers and giving a satisfactory experience. They want their customers to be able to effectively and seamlessly be able to get their jobs done right — the first time!

Steve concluded: “In a nutshell, Festool products are German-engineered, made to last, and made to function at 100% everyday, all day. They have been tested to make your job as efficient and as comfortable as possible.”

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