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Ask Our Expert: KraftMaid Cabinets with Teresa Perkins

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KraftMaid has been known for its beautiful, traditional, and innovative lines of cabinetry for over 40 years. Whether you’re sprucing up your bathroom space, or including more transitional parts in your kitchen, KraftMaid probably has what you’re looking for–and more. There’s an obvious reason why their slogan is “Imagine the Possibilities.”

We sat down with Teresa Perkins, our in-house cabinet designer and specialist at our Crozet location, to learn more about the KraftMaid brand and how she makes cabinets come to life for a homeowner.

Teresa explained that the process of choosing cabinets is one that heavily relies on the customer’s taste–she’s just there to execute that vision. The customer’s style is one of the most important aspects of designing cabinets that will not only reflect the character of the home, but the people who live there as well.

“Usually when a customer comes in, I sit down with them and talk to them about what they’re looking for,” she said. “I really want to know what THEY want. A lot of times I’ll even ask them to bring in inspiration from Pinterest so we are on the same page.”

(Above: Teresa, our cabinet designer in Crozet, and a few photos of KraftMaid displays in our showroom.)

KraftMaid offers an array of unique styles and features, from a classic, minimal face to intricate details and convenient mechanics. This is what makes KraftMaid such an attractive brand to many people, and a reason why we are a premier seller of KraftMaid Vantage. Teresa noted that around this area, the traditional look is what most homeowners strive for.

“For design, everyone seems to go to the ‘Shaker’ style in white,” she said. “It’s simple and traditional. It’s the going thing right now.”

Teresa’s process for designing cabinets includes utilizing a software that helps her map out the exact measurements needed for cabinets, which is one of the most important aspects in a project. The blueprint she creates then can be transformed into a 3D model to help both her and the customer envision what the space will look like when complete.

(Above Left: The “Shaker” style of cabinet; Above Right: Teresa’s design software showing a kitchen she is currently working on for a client.)

“My process includes measuring and often visiting the job site itself to see what will be going where,” Teresa explained. “Then we have to pick a wood species, door style, and color. We also need to make sure that the cabinets, counter tops, and flooring will all look good together.”

As you can imagine, this process is more than just about cabinets. It’s about the entire look and feel of a home!

KraftMaid stands out against other lines of cabinetry for many reasons. We already mentioned above that they’re well known for their styles and designs, but that’s not where it stops.

“Their brand is great for their quality, performance, selection, and warranty,” Teresa noted. “KraftMaid has just about everything you could want and need in a cabinet.”

She went on to explain more about KraftMaid’s warranty policy: “They offer a limited lifetime warranty. KraftMaid warrants its cabinetry to be free of defects in material or workmanship for as long as they are owned by the original purchaser.”

Ultimately, KraftMaid is an excellent resource for cabinets on any budget and any design taste. Teresa can help make your cabinet dreams come true! Just come talk to her.

She concluded: “I’m all ears and always try to make the customer happy. It’s also a good idea to visit the KraftMaid website. They have different kitchen styles listed and can answer every question you might have.”

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