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Ask Our Expert: Railing Systems with Jay Rutledge

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Railing is a great way to add flair to your space whether indoors or outdoors. From cable to vinyl to aluminum, there’s something fitting for everyone’s design taste.

Jay Rutledge, one of our contractor salesmen, discusses our three top retailers for railing in this article: Feeney, Fairway, and Wild Hog. Each of these brands differs from the other and offers a wide range of styles and finishes–it just depends on what you as a homeowner are looking for!


Feeney is known for it’s contemporary-style cable railing. It is popular for outdoor and indoor spaces and the thin cables allow for an unobstructed view for decks, porches, and more.

“Feeney is the product to choose if you are looking for the cleanest lines and clearest views,” Jay explained. “A Feeney railing gives a sleek and modern look to a project.”

(Above: Feeney Cable Rail installed in an indoor and outdoor space.)


Offering a wide array of railing options, Fairway is great for most any homeowner. From composite, to aluminum, to even cable rail, Fairway is a leader in the railing industry and stands by durability and craftsmanship.

“Fairway is a quality product and a good middle ground as far as price. While Fairway also offers cable railing, the finished product along with handrails and posts allows for a more traditional look that compliments many of the homes in Central Virginia,” Jay added.

(Above: Fairway Railing in a variety of styles, suitable for any traditional or modern home.)

Wild Hog

One of our newest lines of railing, Wild Hog is a creative choice for any home. The rails are made from the bulky, welded hog panels on a farm, recycled into a minimalist look for railing. It comes in “black hog” and “silver hog” finishes.

“Wild Hog has a unique look with a mesh pattern that is inspired by farm life,” Jay said. “This product is durable and very safe for children. It is also affordable!”

(Above: Wild Hog Railing installed on our sales manager, Billy Sprouse’s deck, and our store display.)

Choosing the Right Railing

Jay explained some of the essentials to consider when selecting the type of railing you want for your home, as well as a few tips and other information about the railing brands we carry.

“The most important thing to consider when choosing a railing is the look you are trying to achieve,” he said. “Your railing can transform the look of your home; depending on your choice it can create a traditional, modern, or classic style.”

However, while style is often one of the first traits homeowners look for in railing systems for their homes, it’s essential to keep a budget in mind. Sometimes with certain designs come a price tag, but we are here to help and have a variety of options to choose from.

Jay stressed this as well. “Second to style it’s important to consider your budget. Railing prices vary widely.” Always keep a figure in mind and we can align your tastes with any budget.

Each of the railing brands we carry here at BRBS are low-maintenance, fairly cost-effective, and will last several years for your home–all critical aspects for homeowners to take to mind.

“All three of these brands offer quality performance unparalleled by the competitors,” Jay added. “Quality railing means you will not be replacing and repairing each season. While all three of these products offer superior quality, the style of each is very different.”

Jay explained a bit further about the weathering details of our railing systems: “These railings require very little upkeep. Spring power washing of decks along with railings will keep mildew and mold from developing over time,” he said. “It’s important that cable railing is installed properly so that sagging does not occur. There are many qualified contractors around town who are experts at installing these railings if you don’t want to tackle it alone.”

And sometimes, DIY-ing everything isn’t the greatest idea if you aren’t experienced. Visit us and we can give you a list of premier area contractors to help with your project!

“Each person’s project and home is unique, come on in and let’s talk about the railing that is best for you,” Jay concluded.



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