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Ask Our Expert: Sikkens Wood Finishes with Steve Smith

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Summertime is on its way and with it comes outdoor projects. Beautifying your outdoor space shouldn’t have to be a chore, and once you know the right steps to take it can be an easy (and even fun!) task to take on. One of the most popular, and necessary, outdoor projects is deck staining. Our highlighted brand this month is Sikkens ProLuxe Wood Stains, perfect for making your deck, siding, windows, doors, and more pop in the summer sunshine.

We sat down with Steve Smith, one of our paint and stain experts, to learn more about wood staining and Sikkens ProLuxe.

Steve sikkens2

(Pictured above: Left: Steve Smith, paint salesman and Sikkens Expert. Right: BRBS Sikkens ProLuxe display in the Crozet Paint Department. Stop by to see more!)

When considering a wood stain, such as Sikkens ProLuxe, for your house, its important to keep severals factors in mind for your project.

“The number one aspect to consider when choosing a stain is the appearance you’re going for,” Steve explained. “Do you want it to be semi-solid, solid, or somewhere in-between? There are a lot of different types of finishes to choose from but you need to know where you want to start.”

Steve mentioned as well, “Cetol SRD, aka Siding, Rails, and Decks, is the most popular by far. The most popular color I see people getting would be “natural,” which is just sort of a basic finish that matches anything.”

BRBS sells more SRD semi-transparent than any other type of Sikkens product, followed by the Rubbol Solid Stain.

“Rubbol can go on deck and siding both, it can be power-washed and scrubbed, and can go over existing stains and finishes. It’s very versatile,” Steve said.

(Pictured above: Sikkens ProLuxe “Natural” stain finish, shown in the display brochure and on a piece of treated lumber, as well as color options offered in Cetol SRD.)


(Pictured above: Our Crozet store display explains more about the Rubbol line from Sikkens.)

Picking a stain can be tough for someone who has never tried it, though. Steve helped us by breaking down a few of the aspects of wood stains.

“Whether you choose water-based or oil-based, you need to know how each one functions. Oil-based stains penetrate better, which is great, but it also takes longer to dry and it’s hard to clean up,” he explained. “If your deck or outdoor surface doesn’t get sun, it is much more prone to mold or mildew with oil.”

Water-based stains, on the other hand, offer another range of factors.

“Water-based stains are less prone to mold and mildew, but they do dry faster. However, they don’t penetrate as deep as oil-based. The convenience of water-based stains, though, is that it makes for a much easier clean-up for the homeowner,” Steve said.

(Pictured above: A range of the stain colors offered by Sikkens as part of our display in our Crozet store. You can special order any of these.)

Sikkens is a unique line of wood finishes being that it started early in the industry of specialized coatings for automotives, aerospace parts, and joinery. They are still well-known for serving these industries today, as well as catering to homeowners.

“We were told a long time ago when we started selling Sikkens that they use automotive-grade pigment, which provides a longer-lasting color to anything you use it for,” Steve elaborated.

(Pictured in gallery: Completed projects all using Sikkens ProLuxe products. Take some inspiration!)

As with any DIY project, it’s important to know what you’re doing and follow instructions well. Our paint department staff can help tremendously through that process, but Steve had one big tip to conclude:

“Make sure you’ve prepped you wood thoroughly and properly. It will need to be power-washed and cleaned first to remove mill glaze. If you don’t ensure that this has been done, your stain will not fully penetrate the wood and will flake and become damaged later on,” he said. “I can’t stress to people enough that they need to remember this step and do it right the first time.”

Want to learn more about Sikkens ProLuxe? Come talk to any of our professionals or visit the Sikkens ProLuxe website.

Visit PPG, Sikkens’ parent company, for more wood staining advice.


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