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Give it a Try: DIY Mason Jar Tea Lights

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Just in time for National Craft Month this March, we’ve unveiled our first of many monthly series of DIY videos with an accompanying blog tutorial! The first is a simple, fun project to create ambient lighting with a rustic flair. Who doesn’t love mason jar decor? And what’s better? You can buy all the items you need to make this DIY craft right at our store! Check it out below.

Materials Needed:


  • Dropcloth (we used this one for the video)
  • Mason Jars (we used these for the video)
  • Various sizes of rubberbands
  • Spray Paint safe for glass (we used satin white and copper for the video)
  • Battery-operated tea lights (note: do not light regular tea lights to avoid fire and fumes caused by spray paint)



  1. Set up your station so you don’t make a mess! Lay out a dropcloth and make sure you are in a well-ventilated area for this project.


2. Grab your mason jars and remove lids. With a few different rubber bands, wrap them around your jar. You can get creative here: overlap them, wrap them uniformly in a line–whatever suits your taste!

3. Separate the jars as you prepare to paint them. Shake your spray paint and spray evenly from about a 10-15″ distance to ensure full coverage. Use different colors! We chose a satin white and copper.

4. Leave jars in a safe space for a couple days to let them fully dry. After this time, you can start taking the rubber bands off. Be gentle so as not to peel the surrounding paint off the glass. If needed, you can use a glass-safe scraper to scrape away excess paint for finer lines, or leave as is for a more rustic look.

5. Insert tea lights, place in a low-light area, and enjoy the ambiance!


And…here’s Jordan, our advertising and marketing coordinator, working behind the scenes to create the DIY jar craft video!


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