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Customer Corner: Greer & Associates

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As Tom Greer puts it, he’s been coming to Blue Ridge Builders Supply, “forever, since the opening day.” That’s quite a long time, and as you can imagine, he and his crew have become regulars here — family, really!

Greer & Associates are a very well-known premier general contractor company in the Crozet and Charlottesville area, specializing in home and residential building, as well as commercial construction. But that’s not all they do.

(Above: A sample of exteriors by Greer & Associates).

“We love building,” Tom said. “From historic renovation and new construction, to remodeling and additions — building and more building.”

According to Greer, they strive to execute a “tried and true” building strategy while also employing newer advancements and embracing progress as it happens in the industry. They consider themselves “hands on,” which is something homeowners love to hear — knowing the who, what, when, where, and how of a project is often a number one priority. Greer has certainly secured that for their clients.

Greer also has their own in-house carpenters at hand to help with framing, trim, and more which eliminates the need for organizing external help. It also helps keep a steady flow in the building process, often quickening the job while maintaining a good line of communication — this is very important, if you’ve ever been involved in a construction project!

“We don’t sub out framing or trim,” Tom added. It is indeed one of the many unique factors in Greer’s operations.

(Above: A sampling of interiors by Greer & Associates).

Additionally, Greer is respectable in that they provide EarthCraft certified and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) recognized homes. Essentially, this means the Greer team is committed to being eco-friendly and resourceful in their work and providing homes that are as sustainable as possible. This is an excellent step in the right direction for the conservation of our earth.

As far as Blue Ridge Builders Supply is concerned, Tom said overall he really enjoys shopping at BRBS for the construction needs of his business. He mentioned that one of his favorite perks of shopping with us is our “prompt, courteous, and on-time delivery” — something that we definitely take pride in!

The Greer crew are all welcome faces among our staff at BRBS and they’re always ready and willing to work with us. Home building is a team effort, after all!

“BRBS is a great locally owned business with a good knowledge of current building needs,” Tom concluded. “Great people, great service, and great products!”

(Above: Construction work by Greer & Associates).
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