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Employee Spotlight: David Witt

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David is known as one of the more comical fellows at the front counter in Crozet, always there with a friendly greeting and ready to help anyone, from customers to employees. He has been at BRBS since close to its opening, wearing many different hats along the way, so to speak–he’s a jack of all trades! Get to know David better in his spotlight interview below!


What do you like most about your job at BRBS? “Working with local contractors and seeing folks in the store that I’ve known for years.”

Describe your journey at BRBS. Did you start at another position and get promoted? “I started in 1987. I’ve come and gone and I’ve gone and come. In ’87 Dale hired me to work in the warehouse, and I was loading for customers. From there I went into receiving unloading trucks. Then from there I became the warehouse supervisor. Around ’90 or ’91 I went into sales, then migrated into paint full-time when we signed on with Ben Moore. I also went from the contractor yard to the roof center, then to the railroad, back to Blue Ridge where I am now in contractor sales. I feel like if you’ve done that you have an understanding of the important of all aspects of the store.”

Describe “a day in the life” of your job. What do you do in a typical day? “Well I wake up around 10 o clock (haha). Get here and get the coffee in me, and things start getting busy around 9. I help customers, always grab that phone. This store is unlike any other in this industry because we help anyone from homeowners looking for a light bulb or how to kill a gopher, to contractors, ordering house trusses and beams.”

What are a few of your favorite hobbies outside of work? “I’m a dad. That’s number 1. From back when I first started here until now I’ve played drums and enjoyed music, playing in bands through the years. When I had children I kind of backed off from that. I like to read and listen to music now.”

What is your favorite movie, TV show, or book? Favorite musician or music genre? “These are impossible to answer! My favorite movie is The Exorcist, favorite TV Show is MASH. My favorite musician is Dave Weckl, who is a drummer. Favorite genre is classic rock.”

Where is your favorite place to visit or vacation to take? “That would be the Cape Fear area of North Carolina, specifically South Port.”

Name 3 words you would use to describe what BRBS means to you. “Livelihood. Teamwork. Good Location (to my home).”

What is at the very top of your bucket list? “To live in the Cape Fear area of North Carolina one day.”

What is a random fact that most people don’t know about you? “I love to play drums.”

What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself since working at BRBS? “I’m not nearly as good at multitasking as I’d like to be!”

If you could go back to when you first started your job, what is one piece of advice you would give your past self? “Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’d give that to anyone else, including myself. Do not let small problems bother you.”

What is your motto in life? “It changes every day! I would say “Live and let live.


(Above: David and Brenda (one of our retired employees) from when BRBS first opened, and David today at his work station.)
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