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Employee Spotlight: Shawn Harris

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Have you seen Shawn at our Greenbrier Drive location in Charlottesville? He’s been a familiar face over there for a long time and is multi-talented, managing paint sales, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and more. Learn more about Shawn in his spotlight interview below!


What do you like most about your job at BRBS? “Working with the contractors to form a partnership, and it feels good knowing you helped them complete a job.”

Describe your journey at BRBS. Did you start at another position and get promoted? “I started part-time helping a couple days a week in the paint department.”

Describe “a day in the life” of your job. What do you do in a typical day? “My days can be all over the place from selling building materials to making paint or unloading trucks–whatever needs to be done.”

How did you come to get a job here? How did you hear about it, what led you here? “Dale asked me to help out a couple days a week about seven years ago and here we are!”

What is your favorite movie, TV show, or book? Favorite musician or music genre? “Movie: Sandlot, TV show: The Walking Dead, and book: A Painted House by John Grisham.”

Where is your favorite place to visit or vacation to take? “I don’t really have a favorite, but getting ready to go to New Orleans so that might be it!”

Describe your family. “I’m married and have 3 kids: 1 girl and 2 boys”

What is your biggest goal for the next 5-10 years at BRBS? “Just to keep growing and learning as a part of the company.”

Name 3 words you would use to describe what BRBS means to you. “Family, friends, humor”

What is at the very top of your bucket list? “Live long enough to help my grandkids drive their parents crazy!”

What is a random fact that most people don’t know about you? “I was born in Germany on a U.S. military base.”

What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself since working at BRBS? “I have a lot more patience than I thought I had.”

If you could go back to when you first started your job, what is one piece of advice you would give your past self? “Just to slow down and to ask for more help.”

What is your motto in life? “It could always be worse.”

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