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Give it a Try: DIY Chalk Table feat. Good Bones Paint

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Chalk paint is ALL the rage right now. You can find it everywhere, but did you know you can find it in almost any color at our store? With Good Bones chalk type paint, we offer color mixing in the exact shade of your choice, or you can simply choose from one of Good Bones’ 24 vibrant pre-mixed colors.

Good Bones Paint is one of our favorites because they are a local, small business right out of Charlottesville and value eco-friendly, quality products. Learn more about their company here!

You can easily transform your furniture with a rustic flair using Good Bones’ paint, too! No priming or finishing is needed with Good Bones and you’re left with a conversation piece guaranteed to brighten your room. Learn how to do it all including a distressing technique in our video tutorial below, or read our easy step by step instructions.


Materials Needed:


  • Can of chalk type paint (we used Good Bones Paint in the color “red pepper”)
  • Angled sash paintbrush (we used a 2.5″ silver tip from Wooster)
  • Sand block or other rough object (for pre-sanding and distressing)
  • Optional: Rag for cleaning and dusting off debris
  • (Note: NO priming or finishing products are necessary when using Good Bones!)


Step 1: Prep your space and gather your materials!


Step 2: Clean the piece of furniture you wish to use for your chalk paint project.


Step 3: Lightly sand all surfaces using the sanding block and dust off debris.


Step 4: Begin applying your paint in smooth, even strokes to ensure all over coverage. You may apply as many coats as you like, but please note that this paint dries QUICKLY.


Step 5: Because the paint dries rather fast, you may notice clumping or thickening in some areas. You can smooth these parts out with a rag, or you may choose to start distressing your furniture. Continue reading for our distressing instructions!


Step 6 (Optional): Use the sanding block to rub lightly around where natural wear would occur. You can do this as much or as little as you like–whatever your taste is!


And…voila! A brand new colorful table to enjoy in your home!

BeautyShot Painted

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