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Give it a Try: DIY Hardware Replacement

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Sometimes even the simplest upgrades in our homes can be…well, a little daunting if we’ve never done them before. We’re here to help, though!

Changing out hardware on drawers and cabinets is a popular request we get here in our store and also one of the best and easiest ways to alter a space. Often, the biggest transformations are in the seemingly mundane details. Hardware that is old and outdated can in turn leave your space looking the same way.

Check out our latest DIY video, or read on below for our tutorial on how to replace hardware–in our demonstration, we took an old brass knob and changed it to a sleek, brushed silver pull for a more modern touch.


Materials Needed:



Step 1: Remove existing hardware using drill. You may also need to use the basic screwdriver as well.

Step 2: Apply wood putty that matches the color of your cabinets or drawers to the hole. Allow time to dry.

Step 3: Smooth out the putty and then sand away any rough edges.

Step 4: Fill in blemishes with a stain marker that matches the color of your cabinets or drawers.


Step 5: Measure and mark with your pencil the new position for the pull handle. Remember: Measure twice, drill once!!!


Step 6: Drill new holes for the new hardware and install.


And…you now have a new, modern look to your drawers! Ta-da!



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