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Join Our Snow Shovel Club

Category: Features & Offers

We’re offering a fun winter activity with a prize for all the kids in the area!

The Snow Shovel Club is an opportunity for kids to keep track of the weather, amount of snow we get this winter season, and how much snow they help shovel.

We have charts at our front sales counter available for kids 16 and under to fill out for the next 3 months (December, January, and February).

 Kids who turn in all 3 charts will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card to spend as they please!


  1. Kids MUST fill out all 3 months of charts and turn them in at the end of each month in order to get the prize.
  2. Each chart should be complete for each day when turned in. Even if we get no snow, kids should note that on the particular day.
  3. This activity is ONLY for kids 16 years and younger.

So come on in and grab your charts! Winter is almost here!



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