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Customer Corner: Capler Homes

Category: Spotlights

As a customer of Blue Ridge Builders Supply for 13 years, Ben Butler, owner of Capler Homes, is definitely no stranger to us. According to Ben, his business mainly focuses on custom home building and remodeling. “I…

Customer Corner: Greer & Associates

Category: Spotlights

As Tom Greer puts it, he’s been coming to Blue Ridge Builders Supply, “forever, since the opening day.” That’s quite a long time, and as you can imagine, he and his crew have become regulars here —…

Customer Corner: Arcadia Builders

Category: Spotlights

When you look at the homes built by Arcadia Builders, many traits come to mind: contemporary design, eco-friendly construction, and quality craftsmanship–just to name a few. Domenico D’Auria, owner of Arcadia Builders, has been a regular around…

Customer Corner: Aly B. Painting

Category: Spotlights

Aly B. Painting didn’t start as a serious contracting business. Alyson B. Snider, owner of Aly B. Painting, started her company while in college and built it from the ground up, using her previous experience with painting…

Customer Corner: Housewright, Inc.

Category: Spotlights

Bruce Guss, owner of Housewright, Inc. has been a familiar face around Blue Ridge Builders Supply for 24 years. Not only is he a faithful customer to us, but he also helps us operate our stair shop…

Customer Corner: Atlas Construction

Category: Spotlights

Steve Hric, owner of Atlas Construction, has been a regular at BRBS for about 17 years. His business is versatile, focusing on general construction but branching out into many different areas. We asked him some questions about…

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